​​Entering into the world of performance driving, lapping days, and auto slaloms are intimidating to most car enthusiasts. Concerns around safety and potential damage to your pride and joy often keep enthusiasts from fully enjoying the potential of their high performance vehicles.

​Our Goal is to:

  • Introduce car enthusiasts to the world of performance driving in a safe and fun environment
  • Help drivers develop their passion and skills for performance driving and motorsports
  • Create a community and friendships that will last a lifetime, because it's just more enjoyable when you are having fun with people you know!

​Why Choose PADA?

Introducing car enthusiasts to the world of performance driving and motorsports

Serving the Greater Toronto and Surrounding Area.  

  • Continuous Improvement: With our proprietary curriculum and evaluation system, our instructors will help you gradually develop your skills and provide the platform for continuous development 
  • Best Value for Money: Spend less time waiting and more time learning on track with our efficiently run events
  • Community:  Once you join the PADA Community you immediately gain a whole new family to enjoy your passion with, because it's way more enjoyable driving with friends!
  • Customer Experience: PADA has a strong reputation of customer service and ensuring the best possible customer experience. This is reflected in our Net Promoter (NPS)customer satisfaction score of 95 out of 100 (2018)