Colin Caissie

Lead Instructor

Colin's driving career and experience is vast having competed at regional levels of various driving disciplines, including auto slalom, time attack, and go karting consistently placing at the top of his field. Colin brings a wealth of teaching experience to the table with seven years of teaching performance driving, 20 years of martial arts instruction, and an education background in teaching and psychology. Throughout his driving career Colin has had the opportunity to drive many different cars at the top of their limits on track. His experience ranges from stock Mazda Miatas all the way to Nissan GT-Rs and Ferraris. Well known for his bubbly personality and love of helping others improve, and recognized amongst his peers for his friendly and engaging teaching style. He will always leave a new student with the confidence to continue and give the seasoned track veteran that 1/10th needed to win. When he is not sleeping Colin can usually be found at a motorsports event having fun with his little shiny red Alfa Romeo 4C.

Amanda Tsang


From a young age Amanda couldn't wait until the day she got to her license and was able to drive. Her passion for driving was further enhanced when she bought he very first sports car: a R53 Mini Cooper S. She was introduced to performance driving just over 5 years ago when she started attending open lapping sessions with her husband at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga.  She also loves hitting the Go Kart track and recently started competing in auto slalom events.  Amanda will be found most often driving a Lotus Exige or a classic restomod Mini Cooper with a Honda engine swap.

Favourite Quote: “Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”  - Bruce Lee  

Kevin Wong


Kevin Wong has spent years practicing performance driving, dating back to when he had to drive his mom's 1989 Camry to run errands and had to figure out how to get to highway speeds without blowing the engine. Upon graduating out of engineering, he realized he actually enjoyed driving way more than he thought and acquired a 1987 MR2. From thereon in, Kevin's been actively participating in autocross, go karting leagues and lapping with various groups in the GTA. He can often be found frolicking at most open lapping events at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park's Driver Development Track as well as the Push it to the Limit autocross series. He has been spotted lately at Toronto Motorsport Park to find a second home track for his current ride: an unmodified 2004 Honda S2000. 

Favorite Quote: "I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar."  - Hoban 'Wash' Washburn

Val DiPietro


Val has just over a decade of experience slinging cars around autocross courses. Starting at the local Push it to the Limit auto slalom series, and later competing regionally in the CASC-OR series. From there Val branched out further travelling to other provinces to dodge cones for the Canadian autocross championships. Logically the last step for him was the SCCA Solo Nationals, the biggest autocross event in the world. After competing at the top level of autocross, the track beckoned. After a brief stint of time attack, he graduated from the AISA Race Academy and now enjoys endurance road races with ChumpCar Canada.

Favorite Quote: "Everything is a race car if you're brave enough"

Amy Castell

Amy has been a part of the racing world since she was 14, when she started karting with her dad and brother. By 16 she was getting her CASC racing license in a Porsche 928 and then started racing Formula 1600 at 17. While racing 1600s, Amy has had many podiums with her favorite being her first win at the Honda Indy in Toronto. In the past 2 years Amy has had to step away from running a full calendar to finish her degree but had the awesome opportunity to travel with the NASCAR Pinty's series working with one of their teams in 2016. 

Favorite Quote: "Straight roads are for fast cars & corners are for fast drivers"

  • Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy (PADA) was created to help introduce car enthusiasts to the world of performance driving and motorsports.
  • We know performance driving can be intimidating, so our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment to develop the potential of your driving skills.
  • Community is a key pillar of our philosophy at PADA as we aim to bring together like minded car enthusiasts to build and share experiences with; as we like to say: "It's just better driving with friends"

​​​About Us

Jay Tsang


Jay has over 5 years of performance driving experience mainly consisting of lapping days and auto slalom events. Jay started his performance driving career in his late teens when he bought his first car (Mazda Miata) and promptly set to modifying it for auto slalom events. He then took a hiatus for a few years until he and his wife were introduced to lapping days at Toronto Motorsports Park. Since then, he spends his time lapping with various groups, competing in the Push it to the Limit auto slalom series and regularly go karting. Jay's current weapon of choice is a heavily modified Lotus Exige and a Focus RS.

Favorite Quote: "Simplify and add lightness"  - Colin Chapman

Joe Li


Joe Li is an experienced performance driving addict. Inspired and influenced by amazing people of grassroot Motorsports, he finds the slowest car in the world to go as fast as possible. He is part mechanical engineer, part data junkie, and a big believer in progressive improvements. In 3+ years of motoring, Joe competes in South Ontario autocross series, lapping events and instructs for performance driving schools.
Favourite Quote (non-verbatim): "If your car handles like its on rail, then you are simply not going fast enough" - "Speed Secrets"  - Ross Bentley

Ginger Drew


Ginger started performance driving when after buying her dream car, found that her husband was constantly taking the car out to the track every time she wanted to drive it.  After driving in only one auto slalom, she was hooked and has been competing in the Push it to the Limit series and driving in open lapping session with various groups for over 6 years.  Having competed and coached in sports such as fencing and swimming, Ginger’s emphasis in performance driving is on technique and practice.

Ian Drew

Ian has always been interested in sports cars and racing.  Once he had a reliable car, Ian started participating in the Push it to the Limit autoslalom races in 2009.  He start driving on the track the next year as a way to develop new skills and improve his ability to handle a car at higher speeds. In 2016, Ian completed a wheel-to-wheel race license preparation course in open-wheel race cars and has met the criteria to receive a race license in most North American series.
Ian coached a variety of sports for over 25 years.  As a fencing coach, he has worked with multiple university programs leading to many team and individual university championships and supported an Olympic team training camp.  In his professional career, Ian has an adult education certificate and has worked as an instructional designer and facilitator.  Ian’s goal in coaching is to create a calm, encouraging environment where it is possible to focus on the success achieved.

Adam Bezzina

Adam has always been a big fan of racing since he was a young child, waking up early to watch the F1 race with his dad. Adam started to get serious into performance driving when he joined the Formula SAE team in university. This was the engineering team that designs, builds and races a mini f1 style car every year. During  his time there Adam was engine manager and then team technical director his last year. He was fortunate enough to drive the car every summer and worked his way up to team driver. When he graduated, he bought a Subaru BRZ. which he has been racing the last 4 years. He just had his most successful season finishing second overall in the Ontario Regional Auto Cross Series.  

Favorite Quote: "When you love what you do, you convey that feeling, that attitude, that resolve, that love to all around you" - Ayrton Senna


​​​Our Approach

  • Consistent Experience
    • We believe in delivering a consistent experience to customers when it comes to the way our events are run, delivery of the curriculum and in-car instruction. We certify our instructors to ensure that we are delivering the same content in the same way to maximize our customer experience. The last thing we want is for our students to have a disparate experience with different instructors as this leads to confusion and frustration which is a common experience with other driving schools.
  • Value for Money
    • We understand that it can be a large commitment to invest in performance driving instruction and that is why we are devoted to providing the absolute best value for money. We strive to deliver our programs with precise attention to detail to ensure each minute is focused on delivering value rather than standing around waiting. Our pricing is also the most competitive in the industry to allow for an economical way into the performance driving world.
  • Community 
    • We believe that one of the greatest benefits of joining the performance driving and motorsports world is the people you meet and the relationships that you develop along the way. Community and inclusion is baked into everything we do; not only are you developing skills but you immediately gain new friendsto share your passion with.

​​​​The PADA Team

  • Best of Breed Curriculum
    • Our curriculum is a continuously evolving compilation of the best techniques and methodologies currently available. It has been developed with input from professional educators to facilitate the highest retention and application of knowledge and skills in the way the content is delivered and most importantly, received by the students. We focus on breaking down complex theories and skills into small consumable sections that can be focused on and applied in the shortest amount of time.
  • Evaluation System / Continuous Improvement
    • Our evaluation system works in conjunction with our best of breed curriculum to re-enforce the skills necessary to become a more proficient performance driver. By allowing students to clearly understand their progress they can easily identify specific areas they can focus on with an instructor or on their own. This provides a platform for the continuous improvement of skills and a method to track progress over the short and long term.​